Hey, How's it going?

I’m a California-born truth seeker on a never ending pizza tour of the world.

My hobby is trying out hobbies - aerial silks, piano, spanish, sailing, pottery… I explore new activities, learn how things work, and unpack the skills involved to do the task. In other words, I understand the world by engaging with it.

I’m a self-professed ‘personal growth addict’ who is always looking for a challenge.

Why UX?

You know, I feel like I was doing UX before I knew "UX" was a thing. When I was a kid, my favorite part of school was designing my poster-boards to present findings and convey meaning. In college, I worked as a visual merchandiser - designing store layouts and product displays that demonstrated features.

It took me a while to officially claim the title, but after going to FIDM for Graphic Design, designing & coding websites professionally for five years in an agency setting, and completing the certification program at General Assembly - I can proudly say I’ve arrived.

Still curious?

Resume (PDF)

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